Dualgen – 15% Minoxidil + 5% Azelaic Acid

Dualgen 15% is a medication that is very similar to Perfect Image Minoxidil 15% + Azelaic acid, except for Retinol missing from the solution. Aside from that, Dualgen has the FDA approved active ingredient Minoxidil for scalpular hair regrowth. It is also enhanced with the DHT-inhibiting ingredient Azelaic acid that ensures hair growth will resume [...]

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Premium 15% Minoxidil + Azelaic Acid + Retinol

The original version of hair regrowth drug Minoxidil was a 2% solution that was sold on the market and re-branded as Rogaine. Back then, Rogaine was a breakthrough drug for treating hair loss, but Minoxidil 15 and azelaic acid’s ineffectiveness became apparent very quickly. People realized a 2% solution wasn’t going to be potent enough [...]

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Minoxidil – An Effective Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Every guy worries about losing his hair, and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor or young or old he is. Most guys would do anything to stop their hair from falling out, or to regrow the hair they’ve already lost. Many bogus hair regrowth treatments over the last 100 years preyed on desperate men, [...]

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